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Are you noticing a sqeaking or grinding sound when coming to a stop?

Do you feel a vibration when coming to a stop?

Does the brake pedal feal “soft” when it is in use?

These can be early signs of the brakes being worn out or a brake fluid leak may have occured. The brakes are one of the most important safety systems on the vehicle and should be checked routinely to know how much life your brake pads have.  As the brake pads start to wear down you will notice a squeaking sound when applying the brakes. If the pads go metal to metal they can cause other brake system damage and a grinding sound when applying the brakes. We can check your brakes any time and we do credit the fee to inpect brakes torwards the repair should you make a brake repair. When we perform a brake service we recommend that the brake pads, brake rotors and brake caliper hardware be replaced to ensure a proper quality brake job. 


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