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Air Filtration Services

Did you know that all vehicles have air filtration systems?


All vehicles have an air filtration system that uses an engine air filter to filter the air that goes in to the engine. In this system there is also a mass air flow sensor that measures the air volume currently passing through the engine air filter to the engine. This sensor tells the engine computer how much air to fuel ratio to mix inside the engine. When this filter becomes dirty it also causes the mass air flow senosr to become dirty. This will cause the mass air flow sensor to send incorrect information back to the engine computer and can result in incorrect air to fuel ratios being burned in the engine. Routinely replacing the engine air filter will help keep this sensor clean and properly filter the air entering engine. Let out technicians check your air filter any time and recommend service if needed.


Did you now that some vehilces have cabin air filtration systems to filter the air coming through the A/C system in to the cabin?


Some vehices have a cabin air filter to filter the air coming in to the cabin through the A/C system. This filter when dirty can become clogged over time if not serviced routinely and can cause a restriction of the air flow or volume through the vents. Let our technicians check your cabin air filter to see if the filter needs service or refer to the owners manual to see which mileage interval the vehicle manufacturer recommends service. 

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