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Batteries and Electrical System

Are your lights or instrumentation dimming on you?


is there a red battery light illuminated on the dashboard?


is the vehicle failing to start or requires a jump start?


Is there a blue, green or white powder like substance on either of the battery cable ends?


These are signs that you may have a eletrical charging system fault. This system includes the batter, alternator, starter and cabling too and from. Let our technicians perform a proper electrical test any time to ensure your electrical charging system is in good shape. With each electrical test we test the system before and after repair. We also provide voltage and amperage read outs on the invoice under the chrarging system test. We can replace any batter, starter or alternator as needed on all makes and models excluding motorcycles. If you notice a blue, green or white powder like substance on the cable ends this is battery corossion build up. This substance is corrosive and can eat through the metal cable and wiring. Let our technicians chemically clean the cable ends and coat the cleaned cable ends in dielectric grease to prevent future corrosion build up. 

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