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Engine Services

Is it time for your vehicles tune up?


A proper tune up service requires replacing the spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition coils if needed, a chemical cleaning of the throttle body if needed, a chemicaly cleaning of the mass air flow sensor if needed and a fuel injector flush if needed. Tune ups mileage increments very by manufacturer make and model but it is usually listed in the owners manual under the mileage service table. If you are unsure of your vehicles tune up mileage requirement feel free to call us any time and we can provide that information for you. When tune ups are past due this can cause a misfire condition resulting in the improper igniting of the fuel. This can cause damage to the engine. Our ASE technicians can perform your vehicle tune up propery to ensure the engine is running efficiently and get the most out of your vehicles gas mileage ability.

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