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Fuel System

is your gas mileage not as good as it used to be?


Are you noticing fuel leaks?


Do you notice fuel odors?


The fuel system is one of the most important in any vehicle. This system delivers the fuel to the internal engine to be processed and burned. The fuel system naturally builds up carbon over time when in use. Some vehicles also have fuel filters that filter the fuel going in to the engine and if this filter is not routinely replaced it can cause fuel restrictions or system damage. As the carbon builds up you may notice a drop in gas mileage. Fuel leaks are a fire hazzard and are dangerous to ignore. If you suspect a fuel system leak please pull over immediatly and do not drive the vehicle. Let our ASE technicians perform routine fuel system maintenance to ensure proper gas mileage and fuel flow. We offer BG fuel carbon cleaners among other BG products to restore your gas mileage and help protect the fuel system components. 

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