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Some of our happy customers.

My wife and I found Logos 5 or so years ago when they were still Cornerstone. Same great team. We have been continuously satisfied with our experiences. They keep our cars running and have gone above and beyond for us many times. I consider them friends.

Scott Clark

These guys are great. Good prices coupled with fast and classic repairs makes be their regular customer!.

Mary Young

Excellent services at affordable prices. The guys working here are talented and therefore offer impeccable repairs. I have no complain!

Bobby Bowman

Great experience. I got my car mechanic for lifetime. Very professional, honest and well equipped.

Joseph Martin

Mark and Donald go ABOVE and BEYOND to keep my aging car running. They might be a bit pricier, but it’s worth it to have auto care from people I trust!

T. Todd

Great place. Right away speaking to Donald you can tell this is a honest, trustworthy place. They definitely know what they are talking about and won’t try to up-sell you. The complementary loaner cars are nice as well. Taking my car here saved me $2000 and likely bought me at least 15k more miles on my 10 year old Toyota.


Mark and Donald go ABOVE and BEYOND to keep my aging car running. They might be a bit pricier, but it’s worth it to have auto care from people I trust!

Kim Henderson Rose

LOGOS goes above and beyond. Mark is literally the nicest guy! He’s so professional and they are so friendly and fair there. They are quick at their work and true to their word! They even had a loaner car I could use. We will use LOGOS for all our car needs. Thank you Mark and team for taking care of us!

Kearstie Pearce

This is the second time I went here. This time for an alignment. They provided a detailed spec sheet of the alignment before/after plus the target alignment for camber, caster, and toe. They were very reasonably priced and wanted me to be informed about the whole process.

Don’t think twice about going here, you won’t be disappointed. I usually work on my own vehicle (such as replacing brake calipers/rotors) unless the work requires tools I don’t want to buy, and I fully trust them to do the job right without breaking my bank.

They have your car’s best interest in mind.

Miguel Medellin

Fair, honest, convenient. Donald is definitely an asset. He is very knowledgeable and communication is above and beyond. This is the only place that I take my car.

Arlene Whatley

Friendly, honest, cool as hell. Highly recommend.

Don’t think twice about going here, you won’t be disappointed. I usually work on my own vehicle (such as replacing brake calipers/rotors) unless the work requires tools I don’t want to buy, and I fully trust them to do the job right without breaking my bank.

They have your car’s best interest in mind.

Travis Mckinney

Best mechanic!!! Great service, excellent communication and top notch quality work. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for an honest, respectable place to have your car serviced.

Heather Norman

I am a long time customer and love the service I receive from Logos Auto. They keep me updated when one of my vehicles is in the shop as to what they find that’s not working and how much and how long it is going to take to fix it.
If I decide not to fix something, he lets me know what to expect. I have had lots of work done on an older car and they tell me what is worth fixing and what is not. They let me know when something is not safe and needs repair.
I have had repair work done at other shops for outrageous prices and Logos seems to be fair in their pricing. They take excellent care of my car and it is always clean when I get it back. This is the only place I would take my car for repair work.

Susan G


For around 12 years, Jim & Mark have taken amazing care of repairs to 5 different vehicles I’ve owned. The level of knowledge, proficiency, honesty, & integrity they employ in repairing mechanical issues is impressive. They are fair in their pricing, generous in their consistent willingness to provide loaner vehicles, and they reliably make good on the guarantee to their repairs.
On a personal level, they really care about their customers. They ask about family members, offer genuine personal and spiritual advice, and work with any time restrictions that their customers face during the repair process. Over the years, I’ve recommended them to any coworker or friend needing vehicle maintenance. If I were to apply a rating to their service level, friendliness, and integrity they’d receive a 6 out of 5 stars. Yeah, they’re that good.

Isaiah S


I have been a customer for eleven years at Logos Automotive auto shop and in all those long years, they took care of my old Toyota Solara 2002 every time I had trouble. Needless to say, I have been one of the most satisfied customers they have. They are very friendly courteous, professional and skilled and competent on what they do. they kept my car in excellent condition that I never had to call for road service. I  highly  recommended Logos Automotive to my friends to have their car taken cared.

Merian F


I’ve brought my 2008 Honda here three times and they are always very fair, honest, and have my car back to me the same day. They’ll give you a ride if you’re close by, or give you a loaner car if they have one available. They also stand by their work. For my most recent repair, it turned out to be a defective part which they had previously replaced, so they replaced it again free of charge. I know other shops would at least charge labor for something like that. I’ll keep bringing my car here.

Megan S


I have been visiting them since early 2000’s. I trust them to always do a complete and solid job. Give them time and don’t rush them and you will be a customer for life. Locally owned and operated and I know they will be there when I need them. Keep up the good work.

Jeremy H


We have always had excellent, honest and reliable service here at Logos Automotive.  They have been monitoring and fixing our cars for over 10 years.  I wouldn’t trust another mechanic in our area.

Grace N


Great Automotive Repair facility. They took care of my car’s needs and even lent me a loaner car to get to work. They are straight forward with repair costs. The technician went over my car to see any other maintenance that it might need in the future. Wow, this was amazing, this keeps my car running longer with the proper maintenance schedule they recommended. Great job guys. I will definitely recommend this auto repair shop.

Victor C


I went to this shop to have a new belt put on my car because the old one broke. Thought that was my only problem. To my surprise, they replaced my belt and actually looked at my car instead of just putting a new belt on and done. They found out I had a few other problems and instead of just fixing them and charging me for it later they called me and went over the other problems that they had found with me. They explained to me what was wrong and told me what I should fix now and what could wait. I really recommend this shop to anyone looking for automotive work. Very professional and friendly staff, which I find is extremely rare with an automotive shop. I felt very welcome and am going back to this shop in the future for all my automotive needs.

Joshua K


I appreciate a place that lets me know other things going on with my car other than what it’s in for. They treat me and my wife very professionally and they are genuinely very kind. I always get my maintenance work done here, knowing they will let me know if something serious comes up. Which is what I want from an automotive shop.

Aaron P


BEST MECHANICS IN THE CITY OF HOUSTON AREA!!!!! I have been a customer since 2004. I moved here from New Orleans with my wife and kids. I know from experience that mechanics often try to abuse their knowledge to fix more than what’s necessary. After being a customer for over 10 years, The staff at Logos Automotive is FAR from that. I have three vehicles (Suburban, Tahoe, and BMW) and my vehicles run like honey and purr like kittens. You can depend on them to give you an honest answer to your auto problems and give you a realistic price that will compete with any competent mechanic in the Houston Metropolitan Area. They will even give you a loaner vehicle if they have one available. If they don’t, they’ll give you a ride home and pick you up when the car is finished. I wouldn’t trade you guys for nothing in the world.

Fred P.


I have been going to Logos Automotive for over 10 years and they do an outstanding job. They are honest and do excellent work. The vast majority of the time, my car is fixed right the first time. They do not “throw parts” at a car attempting to solve the problem. The price might be higher than some places but it is worth it. Another aspect that I love about Cornerstone is that they have loaner cars. Normally, I work with Jim. He always goes over each item that is wrong with my car and lets me know if that item can wait until another visit. Also, Jim is very patient and takes the time to answer your questions and concerns in terms that a customer can understand. He does not talk down to you if you don’t understand something. I love going to this place. I really wish that all businesses were run like this business.

Seth D


I have been a customer since I purchased my Chevrolet Cruze in 2012. I have had all of my non warranty and some warranty car repairs done there. Jim, Mark, Kim, and the whole crew over there are professionals and can be trusted to do a first rate job. It is a busy shop, but shortcuts are not in their nature. Loaner cars are available and they give rides to drivers who need them if it is needed. Obviously, there are limits, but the crew here try to do everything in their power to help with any of your needs. In short, I would recommend this shop to anyone in need of good mechanics.

David G