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Summer is here and your A/C should be checked for efficiency in order to keep your refrigerant levels and lubrication full.

We are open normal hours. We are here to serve you so that you can serve others in this time of need. Feel free to contact us Monday-Friday 7am-6pm as needed. Thank you and stay safe.

Full synthetic oil change special $49 (up to 5 quarts of engine oil including oil filter, excludes European vehicles.)

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Our Services

AC Repair

Do you have the A/C not blowing as cold as it should or you have no airflow at all? We can perform A/C testing to find the cause of the failure.

Air Filtration

Just like the A/C system in your home, most vehicles have an A/C filter. Also there is an engine air filter in your vehicle. Let us check and replace the filters when needed.


Improper alignment angles can cause uneven wear of the tires, and possibly cause your vehicle to pull left or right. The steering wheel can also not be centered when driving straight. We set all caster, camber and toe angles per manufacturers specifications then give you a print out with the before and after readings.

Auto Repair Estimates

We will give you an accurate estimate. Please give use a call or email. Most estimates may require a VIN number so that we can provide accurate estimates.

Batteries & Electrical System

We have the equipment and technical expertise to perform a proper system check of the electrical charging system. Allow us to check your charging system to ensure that your vehicle runs reliably.


Our technicians will perform a brake system inspection to communicate to you the condition of your brake system.

Check Engine Light

When your check engine light comes on our technicians will perform an engine computer diagnostic. We use diagnostic tools to communicate to you why the light has come on and what steps should be taken to address it.

Cooling System

The cooling system is one of the most important systems on your vehicle. It is designed to draw heat from the engine. We can test your cooling system for leaks or service your cooling system as needed.

Drivetrain & Suspension

Hearing any squeaks, grinding, popping or other noise when going over bumps or driving? We can check your drivetrain and suspension to keep your vehicle operating safely.


Allow our technicians to keep your emissions system operating to specification so that it can meet state emissions requirements.

Engine Services

Every engine needs secondary ignition work occasionally, also known as a tune up and maintenance so that your vehicle continues to be reliable. Allow us to perform your routine engine maintenance and tune up work.

Extended Warranty Service

We will work with your extended warranty company to ensure a hassle free experience and get your vehicle back in a safe and reliable condition.

Fuel System

Our technicians can diagnose any problems with the fuel system and provided any fuel system maintenance such as fuel injector flushes, and other fuel system services.

Oil and Filter Change

One of the most important maintenance services for your vehicle. Everytime we change your oil we check all your fluids, lights, belts/hoses, tire pressure and your engine air filter. We lubricate any front end suspension if applicable, to give you the best service possible.

Power Steering

Power steering system leaks will cause potential failure of state inspection, because power steering fluid is flammable. Our technicians test any power steering issues you may have. Some power steering systems are electrical and we can test electrical power steering systems also.

Scheduled Maintenance

Each make and model have different mileage requirements for maintenance. We have access to your scheduled maintenance tables and will follow your manufacturers check list to ensure your vehicle remains reliable and safe.

Tire Rotation

The front tires wear faster than the rear because they move when steering your vehicle. When we rotate your tires, we check your brakes as part of the tire rotation service. We also check the condition of your tires.

Transmission Services

Automatic transmissions depend on the fluid condition being clean and full to run reliably. Ignoring proper transmission maintenance may result in premature transmission wear, and in some cases premature failure.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Allow our experienced technicians to inspect your vehicle to make sure it has had scheduled maintenance and is in good condition prior to purchase. Includes two page detailed inspection report.

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